• October 3, 2022

Anse la Roche, Watering Bay – Windward, And Petite Martinique

The anchorage has good holding in sand and you’ll anchor in around 3 to 6 meters (10 to 20 feet). Because this is a lovely spot to spend a few days, it can get quite crowded. It’s only a small bay and the wind can shift quite a bit, so I would say no more than 6 boats fit comfortably.

Make sure you have enough room for your boat to swing as the wind shifts. We’ve heard stories of boats ending up on the beach because the 180 degree windshift caught them by surprise.

The anchorage can get rolly at times. And in a northerly swell it will become uncomfortable, with big surf on the beach. At other times you can easily beach your dinghy to enjoy time on the beach or to hike to the top of Carriacou from here.

Tim’s Sunset Beach Bar is located right on the beach. It’s a lovely restaurant offering a good barbecue but be warned, it’s pricey. If you visit at the right time of year you might be lucky enough to see turtles coming to the beach at night to lay their eggs here.

Note: there is an anchorage just south of Anse la Roche, in Sparrows Bay. Holding is good in sand. It’s not nearly as picturesque as Anse la Roche, and people mainly anchor here to visit Bogles restaurant.

Petite Martinique has quite a different feel to it than Carriacou and the rest of Grenada, which might be a reason to anchor here for a day or so. You can anchor either around the town’s dock or on the sandy patch in between Petite Martinique and Petite St Vincent.

The holding is better on the sandy patch, but the anchorage gets very exposed and rolly.

Unless you plan to visit both Petite St Vincent and Petite Martinique I don’t see why you’d anchor on the sandy patch. We did anchor there, and regretted it. The dinghy ride to Petite Martinique can also get a bit bumpy from there.

If you do want to visit Petite St Vincent, contact the resort beforehand to ask for permission as they are part of Saint Vincent & the Grenadines. Therefore officially you’d have to clear out of Grenada first and clear in in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines. Petite Martinique is a cute town but has limited options. Supermarkets only offer the basics (a surprisingly wide range of alcohol though) and there are only a handful of simple bars and restaurants, that may or may not be open when you visit. But, it’s definitely doable.

You can choose to anchor either right behind the reef or make your way closer to shore. Don’t rely on your navigation tools only though, because they might not be accurate enough.

It’s therefore best to try this anchorage on a clear, calm day so that you can spot the reefs.

It feels a little strange anchoring right behind the reef but it is the easier option and you can dinghy to shore. There is a pier where you can attach your dinghy to. Whether you anchor closer to shore or out behind the reef, it can get quite rolly. We would advise against using these anchorages in rough weather both because it’s tricky to anchor and because you are left quite exposed.

Windward is a lovely small town known for its traditional boat building. It has the most laid-back vibe possible and very friendly people.

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